Alfredo Castelli

Alfredo Castelli (Milan – 1947) is one of the greatest and most prolific Italian comic book writers, and in more than fifty years of activity he has also covered virtually every possible role in the creative and editorial field: television and radio author, creator of commercials for Carosello, film scriptwriter, journalist, essayist, and comic book historian.

In 1965, he was one of the founders of Comics Club 104, the first Italian fanzine dedicated to comics, and in the following years he wrote for nearly all publishers in the sector, including Universo, Mondadori, Alpe, Rizzoli. He was editor and author for such titles as Corriere dei Ragazzi, Il Giornalino, Supergulp!, Eureka and Magic Boy. In 1971 he began his long and prolific career with Sergio Bonelli Editore, with stories for Zagor, Mister No and Un Uomo Un’avventura. In 1982 he created the character Martin Mystère, still published today and from which the publications L’Almanacco del Mistero and Zona X derive.

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