About our project

Origin story

Comics&Science was founded in 2012 as a section of the cultural program of the Lucca Comics&Games festival. Since 2013 it has been a series of comic book publications and in 2016, under the curation of Symmaceo Communications, it became a series for CNR Edizioni, the publishing outlet of the CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche – National Research Council)

The aim is to promote the relationship between science and entertainment, a fundamental educational opportunity for personal growth at any age.

As part of the CNR’s science outreach activities, it is one of the tools by which the organisation shares the aims and results of its scientific and technological research to the general public and to non-professional audiences.

The editorial format presents an original comic on a specific topic, directly commissioned to important Italian comics authors (Silver, Zerocalcare, Leo Ortolani, Giuseppe Palumbo, among many others) together with in-depth texts and editorials on the same topic.

The authors are “immersed” in the researchers’ activities and environment, during one or more meetings with researchers and experts who update them on the state of the art in that field.
They then take note of the current scientific position and come up with ideas and the inspiration for their comics, which tend towards a ‘narrative’ approach rather than a traditionally didactic one, where scientific facts and ideas serve as starting points for the plot and influence the characters’ story.