The Comics&Science series has been a regular event since 2012. Every year the best Italian authors meet with a group of researchers to learn about different topics, projects, experiments, and problems addressed by the scientific community, and then express them in the language of comics. We make these problems into issues, hence The Fibonacci Issue, The Periodic Issue, The Stellar Issue, and so on. Because there will always be big issues to tackle!

The regular series, consisting of two new titles per year, is joined by a spin-off series of specials, created in collaboration with other companies, organisations and institutes.

Regular Issues

  • The HPC Issue

  • The Alchemical Issue

  • The Mirzakhani Issue

  • The Contagion Issue

  • The EO Issue

  • The Fibonacci Issue

  • The AI Issue

  • The Periodic Issue

  • The Stellar Issue

  • The Light Issue

  • The Women in Math Issue

  • The Archimedes Issue

  • The Babbage Issue

  • The Internet Issue

  • Materia oscura

  • OraMai

  • Esaurito



  • The Colors Issue

  • The Crystals Issue

  • Esaurito

    The e-cam Issue

  • The Leonardo Issue

  • Esaurito

    The Cyber Security Issue

  • Esaurito

    The Nabbovaldo Issue