Comics&Science projects


Collaboration with PRISMA

PRISMA started its publications in October 2018 and is a magazine about “Mathematics, games, ideas about the world”. It tries to talk about the complexity of human and natural things using Mathematics as a language, in a non-technical way and accessible to everyone who is interested and yet can’t imagine all the situations in which it can be used and to what effective.

The aim is to demonstrate how mathematics is a pillar of our lives, an irreplaceable and almost endless source of ideas and techniques for tackling the most complex problems, showing how scientific research can be a model of democracy and collaboration.

Comics&Science has collaborated with PRISMA since its first issue, producing the brilliant cartoons of Walter Leoni, one of Italy’s finest humourists. His ability to capture the depth of a topic is never at the expense of clarity and transparency: the aim of his cartoons or jokes is always crystal clear, and his choice of choosing irony over sarcasm makes them subtler and therefore sharper.

From issue 22, PRISMA offers short extracts from Comics&Science comics accompanied by profiles of its authors.