Filippo Paparelli

Filippo Paparelli (Umbertide – 1992) Cartoonist and illustrator, since 2014 he has been collaborating with the art collective Becoming X – Art+Sound and the Biblioteca delle Nuvole, Perugia’s municipal library of comics and illustrated books.
He’s worked on the comic Mafia vs. Alieni with PlaySeven edizioni, a Pinocchio picture book, published by BIMBOGIALLO Edizioni, and a series of stories published by some local publishers, such as Ninì la marroca (Morlacchi Editore) and La mela a sonagli, which makes its appearance on the tenth issue of the series I quaderni della biodiversità (Edizioni 3A-PTA).
With the scripts by Walter Leoni, he has done satirical stories, including Elementare Wilson, published inside Pangolino magazine and awarded as “Best Covid Project” at the Treviso Comic Book Festival, and Inside the left, published in the diary Smemopravda (Fumetti di Cane).


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