Susanna Raule

Susanna Raule (La Spezia – 1981) is an Italian writer, psychologist, and psychotherapist. Since 2005 she has been writing comics for various publishers, winning the Lucca Project Contest award with the series Ford Ravenstock – Specialisti in suicidi (Double Shot, 2020), with drawings by Armando Rossi.

As a writer she is best known for the character Commissario Sensi, for which she won the IoScrittore literary prize in 2010 organized by the Mauri Spagnol Editorial Group, with the novel L’ombra del commissario Sensi (Salani Editore, 2011). Her most recent works include Il club dei cantanti morti (Fanucci Editore, 2019) and Il detective fantasma (Fanucci Editore, 2021).

In 2013 she took part in the anthology Nessuna più (Elliot) against femicide.
She is one of the founders of Moleste, a group for gender equality in comics.


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