The Light Issue



The Light Issue
Editor CNR Edizioni –
Edited by Roberto Natalini, Andrea Plazzi
Size 16,8×24,6 cm, 48 pages paperback, colour
Cost 7,00 Euro
ISBN 978-88-8080-317-1
Publishing date October 2018

What’s inside

There are about fifty advanced light sources in the world: accelerators that produce electromagnetic radiation (i.e. ‘light’) in a variety of frequencies. Two of these are in Trieste and are called ELETTRA, which is a storage ring, and FERMI, a free-electron laser: they are some of the most advanced tools for obtaining high-quality information on the micro- and nano-structure of materials in existence today.
This issue of Comics&Science, produced in collaboration with the CNR Institute of Structure of Matter and the Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste Research Centre, deals with this and the numerous, and sometimes surprising, applications of these techniques.
And the comic is by you already know.