The e-cam Issue


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The e-cam Issue

Editor CNR Edizioni –
In collaboration with IIT-CNR
Edited by Roberto Natalini, Andrea Plazzi
Size 16,8×24,6 cm, 52 pages paperback, colour
Paper edition out of print (in inglese) 978-88-8080-438-3
Digital edition
978-88-8080-389-8 downloadable for free

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“There is a reality that permeates our world but is still invisible to the general public. Today, our understanding of the physical world is based on sophisticated mathematical tools and this is taken for granted. What is much less obvious is how this happens. John and Sergio have created for us the wondrous story of Ekham the Wise, an enchanting witch who – with an accurate model and the help of a high-performance cauldron (!) – enables Prince Variant to defeat the fearsome Dragon who has kidnapped Princess Beauty…”
These are the words of Sara Bonella, Deputy Director of CECAM Centre Européen de Calcul Atomique et Moléculaire , and there couldn’t be any better review for this publication, produced for a circuit of European institutions participating in the EU-funded and CECAM-coordinated E-Cam project, to make that ‘how’ clearer to European citizens.
With the help of Giovanni Eccher on the story and Sergio Ponchione on the drawings.

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