Leo Ortolani

Leo Ortolani (Pisa -1967) is one of the best known and most popular Italian comic artists ever. Best known for the Rat-Man series, he has been called “the greatest living Marvel author”.

Over the years he has won dozens of awards, including several editions of the Fumo di China Award for ‘best author’ and ‘best writer’; the Premio Italia for ‘artistic operator (cosa si intende per operatore)’; the Jacovitti Award ‘as best original (cosa si intende per autore unico) author’; the La Repubblica XL Award for ‘best author’; the Attilio Micheluzzi Award for ‘best series’ and ‘best script-writer’.

He has published several graphic novels, many of them about science: Il buio in sala (2016), Cinzia (2018), Il buio colpisce ancora (2019), Bedelia (2020) for Bao Publishing; C’è spazio per tutti (2017) for Panini Comics; Luna 2069 (2019), Andrà tutto bene (2020), Blu tramonto (2021) and Musa(2022) for Feltrinelli Comics; Dinosauri che ce l’hanno fatta (2020) for Laterza; Apollo credici(2021) for De Agostini.