The Archimedes Issue



The Archimedes Issue
Editor CNR Edizioni –
Edited by Roberto Natalini, Andrea Plazzi
Size 16,8×24,6 cm, 48 pages paperback, colour
Cost 7,00 Euro
ISBN 978-88-8080-255-6
Publishing date October 2017

What’s inside

What do the Library of Alexandria, the Byzantine Empire, and a 13th century amanuensis monk have to do with the Nazi occupation of Paris, a high-end auction and Archimedes‘ brilliant mathematical discoveries?
The answer can be found in Archimedes 2.0, the astonishing artistic challenge by Giuseppe Palumbo, an acclaimed master of Italian comics. But you can also find it in Davide La Rosa‘s Archimedes, a ‘badly drawn’ but beautifully written comic.
And in the various contributions of mathematicians, physicists and philologists, all equally passionate about the story of the mysterious and legendary palimpsest of the genius from Syracuse.